The First Swift arrives Early

The first swift of this season arrived at 17:50 hrs on Monday 9 May into the special nesting box, complete with cctv, installed by its host in Badby – 18 days earlier than 2021.


There may be trouble because a starling had been detected going into this box earlier in the year. The entrance was then blocked up, but unblocked at the end of April. The starling then came back in every day or two usually about 7 am but has not attempted to rebuild a nest. There is no sign of a mate, although a pair attack nearby fat-balls for hours each day.

Two days later a swift arrived at another box – from which the pictures are not so good as the box has a black interior and the “improved” camera app is not very good!


This box had some activity last year but there was no camera then.  The eggs were laid late in 2021 season but were thrown out and found on the ground below.

On 14 May a mate  returned  to the original nest box. There seemed to be some argy bargy after the clip below was filmed so it may not be the right mate!
Now there are five swifts flying over the village – three in these boxes, so there may be another nest site nearby.

Look out for further updates!

PS On May 15 morning, the mate is now back  in the second box. Pictures are not very good until it is darker and the camera switches to infra red.
The pair in the original box now is in  its third year of breeding so would be five tears old: build a nest as 2 year olds ready to breed in third year.
This is the first breeding year in second box  – late eggs last year though that were thrown out.
A mate arrives in the second box on 15 May.

We expected the next news would be when eggs were laid in about 10 days, but this is becoming like Eastenders.
The suspicions about the first mate were correct. About 9pm last night (15th) the regular mate (presumably) arrived back. The fight lasted until about 11pm. This clip shows the moment the third bird arrived.
All is peace this morning again. Cannot determine the winner, but it seems to be assumed that it is usually the regular mate. At least initially the female was in the fight.